Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pallet Wood Shelves

Don't you just love FREE?  The other day, I made these 2 shelves for our living room for FREE!

We have some leftover wood that had was salvaged from some previous pallet projects, and I found some inspiration from the lovely Joan over at <---that's the link to her original post.
Her sister just used crosspieces and the top deckboards of a pallet to make her shelves. That’s right, just two pieces nailed together and screwed to the wall.  That was some inspiration! òòò

Source: Scavenger Chic
Hubs and I had saved one cross piece (with the cut-outs for forklifts) from a pallet we dismantled, and I also had a cool piece of deck board with a natural "live edge" on it.  I cut them both into two pieces, since I wanted 2 finished shelves about 24-inches long.

Next, I marked where I wanted to pre-drill and countersink holes for screws on both deck (now shelf) boards, and I went to work on that, on both shelf boards.

Then, I put the pieces at right angles along the back edges, and assembled them together!
I decided to use hardwood flat head plugs inserted into the screw holes, to give it a slightly more professional look. Just put a dab of wood glue in the holes, tap in the plugs, and allow to dry completely. Afterwards, I sanded down the plugs that were sticking up, using a rotary sander for quick work.  I did do a very light sanding to the boards, just to knock off a few splinters, but otherwise, they are in their "natural" state, no paint or stain for these cuties.

When I tried putting hangers on the back, I found that the D-style hangers (see photo below left) wouldn't work because they allowed the shelves to lean forward on the wall.  I switched to the sawtooth kind of hangers, and everything worked out. If this house were my own, and not a rental, I would have screwed them into walls directly, using wall anchors, so they would be extra-secure.

Don't forget to go check out Joan's blog Scavenger Chic for some inspirational projects!
It's made me very happy to have completed these cute shelves in about an hour (minus glue-drying time), and for FREE, too!   To use a Texas term, "Y'all gotta love free!"

In a couple of days, I'll be sharing my DIY pallet bench {and a quick desk makeover as a bonus!}.
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Monday, January 25, 2016

Menu Planning - 2 Free Printables

After the holidays, we're all trying to get back into the swing of our regular routines, and some of us also want to add on a new good habit or two.  My new habit is actually an old one that I'd like to renew: Menu Planning!

Menu planning will save you precious time, and keep you on track when making grocery shopping lists. It also saves frustration when someone asks, "What's for dinner?"

One of the first things I like to do, is make a schedule for the main ingredient: chicken on Monday, beef on Tuesday, pork on Wednesday, etc.  On occasion, I also like to throw in a meatless meal; and usually on Sundays in our house we have FFY (fend for yourself) where we usually eat up any leftovers.  Many times, I plan ahead to make a larger portion of say, Baked Chicken, so that I can use the extra meat for another recipe, like Chicken Fajitas!  Mmm!

Here's my sample menu plan for this week:
Sunday: FFY
Monday: Baked Chicken, baked potatoes, and salad
Tuesday: Beef stew in the slow cooker
Wednesday: Chicken tacos (use cooked chicken and salad leftovers)
Thursday: Breakfast-for-dinner: Pancakes and bacon
Friday: Baked Tilapia, baked sweet potato, and zucchini
Saturday: Going Out! (we won't be home that day)

To help you get started, I made these two Menu Planners for you to print out and use right away!
Simply right-click on each image, then Save. I usually try and save to my desktop so it's at my fingertips.  Hint: You can slip the menu planner into a clear sheet protector, and write on it with a dry erasable pen; then simply wipe it off to use next week!

Of course, I'm offering them to my readers for FREE, and all I ask is that you use them for your personal use ONLY, and make sure you pin back to this original blog post when you share.

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