Thursday, January 15, 2015

Earring and Necklace Display

At last I'm finally back to blogging! It feels like I've been away for so long....
Now that moving, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year are behind me, I've been excited to get working on a few projects that I want to share with you.

First up: "Saw this on Pinterest" Earring and Necklace Display, made from a .50 cent yard sale frame, a bit of craft paint, burlap and cup hooks. Not difficult, and just up my alley with my tiny budget!

This time, I was remiss on taking "before" photos, but I'm sure you've got some of the same items hanging around your house, attic or basement.  I picked up the frame at a yard sale right before Christmas, with a memory of this Pinterest pin in my head.  (Click on Amy's photo below for tutorial on Positively Splendid.)

Here's a few slight differences in mine:
* Larger frame that hangs on the wall
* Lightly distressed the frame after painting, for my favorite shabby-chic look
* Added hooks to hold necklaces
* Hot-glued around the raw edge of the burlap to prevent fraying
* No painted stencil for the embellishment

Here's a trick that I've used before:  I printed out the fleur de lis design and etc. using regular paper.  Then, I centered the paper UNDER the burlap and traced the design using a black Sharpie pen.
The little burlap bow is a Christmas decor tag I found at Target in the Dollar Spot.  I pulled off the little gold bell that it came with, and hot glued on a tiny button instead.

If you are like me, you live and learn from projects. This is what I would do differently:
1. Drill pilot holes for the hooks!  My right index finger is sore and red from twisting the cup hooks into the wood, because I didn't wait to borrow Hubs' drill.
2. Center the burlap more accurately the first time. I ended up pulling out 20 staple-gun staples, because my first attempt was WAY off!
3. Invest in a better staple gun. Our electric one jammed on me many times.

Now that I've completed this project, I feel so much more personally organized for 2015!
(If only my office/craft room would stay organized, too!)  It's great to be back, and I hope you'll continue following my journeys right here in my little corner of Blog-land.

Friday, December 5, 2014

What a Journey! From Hawaii to Texas via Colorado

It's been a while since my last post, because we've been so busy moving! and moving again!

We left Hawaii on October 1st and visited family in Idaho for a few days, before packing a big rental truck with our belongings that had been in storage.  Hubs and I had gorgeous weather as we drove south to Colorado Springs (towing our car behind!), thinking the entire time that we would be settling there.

It was more than wonderful to be with our 2 daughters, son-in-love, and 2 granddaughters. We started looking for jobs and houses right away, and right from the start doors were being closed.  First of all, Hubs was applying for jobs, however not many companies were hiring in his field in that area. Then, when we started the process to get a pre-approval for a home loan, we learned that there were some roadblocks there, also! (Thankfully, they are fixable.)

On Saturday, November 1st, I heard Hubs on a phone interview.  At the end, he said, "Okay, we'll see you next week!"  He excitedly told me that he had a job!!  In Texas! What!?  I was a bit stunned, but needless to say, we had asked God to open doors where He wanted us, and He did!

So, the very next day seemed like a repeat episode from 3 weeks prior. We again packed up a big rental truck, hooked up a tow dolly on the back for our car, and headed south.
Our son, who lives just 2 hours from our new town with his wife and our 2 grandchildren, volunteered to come up and help us unpack the truck. By Friday, we had rented a house and moved right in! (A door OPEN!)  The house is just 4 minutes from Hubs' new job, is very comfortable for the two of us and we have a large living room and an extra bedroom for when guests visit. (Son & his family will be here for Christmas! Yay!)

Last week, I suddenly realized that I needed to stop decorating the house, and start DECKING the house for Christmas. My favorite time of the year! Is it yours, too?

Here are a few 2014 Christmas decor photos for you:

New city, new home, new tree, lots of ornaments
that we've had for years that bring back floods of happy memories!

Love having a fireplace mantle to decorate again!

I'm very excited about trying a new DIY project using tomato cages! Can you guess what they will be?